Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Spending Time

We spend our time;
And extravagantly
Not until we have spent nearly all of it.
Nearly last every precious drop.
Do we know its true worth.

We spend our time as if we have endless credit
But when we finally receive the bill of want we have spent,
Then we see
That it is all on trivia and fripperies

Not Going Well

It may not seem, or possible it does, that I am a wage slave, grinded down every day by hard labour at the coal face of corporate life.

Sadly I am.

It gobbles up time, like a starving dog with a plate of prime steak, leaving me we scant seconds "to stand and stare" let alone attend to minor things like shopping and cooking.

I use to work around 60 hours a week (ish). Not counting the time spent in traffic jams (note to town planners, how to get people out of cars. Offer an alternative that works. Why would I want to spend more money to sit in the same traffic jam in a dirty cold bus? Why build vast housing estates miles from places of work? And not near any shops. Town lack of planning really.)

Now it is around 40 hours. I found that doing my job, doing it poorly, or well makes no real difference. As long as do not actual defraud the company or physically assault someone, then I have a job.

Sadly though, work is what we are. It defines us, gives our lives structure and purpose. Yes you can have a wild social life and great friends and family, but first question you get asked on meeting someone "what do you do?". If your answer requires an explanation you have, what I call, a pretend job.

If you like me, you are one of those middle management clones, who shuffle paper and now electronic mail from one place to the other, taking up air, space, money and time and actually doing nothing remotely helpful in the main. Or, possibly, doing a job that if the company in question had employed half decent management would not need doing. Like HR. They use to do the admin for employment - now they do the interviews, the discipline the training. Surely a boss should know who they need to do what? If they are any good? Similarly Quality Management. They write processes on how to do things then check to see if people follow them. So why doesn’t the boss decide how to do things and then see that his staff do it?

Pretend Jobs. Not real, like a Doctor or a Farmer, or a Builder. We make nothing. We create nothing, we only exist because the leaders are so colossally stupid, or too busy going on jollies to see Man U play or racing at Ascot.

And we have to spend hours and hours in air conditioned glass houses, in places like Slough industrial estate, pretending what we do matters.

As you can see the play isn't going well...